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2017 VW CC GTE Sport Redesign and Release Date

Posted by evans hale on Monday, 27 July 2015

The Volkswagen CC (Comfort Coupe) is that the brand’s exclusive Sedan car version, or the grandma car as some decision it. The Volkswagen CC got a mid-cycle updated back in 2013 and it's already obtaining previous within the eyes of patrons though we expect it still appearance beautiful. except for those wanting to urge the most recent therefore you'll expect to ascertain the new 2017 Volkswagen CC throughout the Geneva Motor Show in March. The older CC is predicated on the Volkswagen Passat, with a grandma car body and a few further bits here and there however that also doesn’t additional differentiate it from the Passat. so as to alter that, Volkswagen is embarking on creating the CC additional premium, and additionally having it sit on a extended distance with distinctive styling to match.

2017 VW CC GTE Sport Redesign

Like the current model, Chin’s CC rendering shares solely minor styling options with the regular sedan, as well as the massive new grid-like grille style. Highlights of the second CC generation can embrace all-LED headlights and taillights, tetragon exhaust, wider tracks and powerful shoulders lines. The eighth generation Passat sedan has left an enduring impression when its debut last week, because of associate degree array of technology options and carved  side style. just like the new Golf, it’s seemingly to become one in every of the foremost standard vehicles in its phase.
The Volkswagen CC might not carry identical level of thought recognition because the Passat, however there’s a precise phase of the population that developed a precise level of affinity for the posh sedan. Well, for people who represent this class, excellent news has arrived within the style of a next-generation Volkswagen CC. MotorTrend Sat down and talked with VW of America president Michael Horn and among alternative topics that were mentioned, the long run of the next-generation CC was abroach. in keeping with Horn, the next-gen CC is already underneath development and there square measure talks inside the corporate that the new CC may are available a radically new style that might have similarities with the Audi A7. Horn additionally excited that the new CC may are available over only 1 version, that may embrace a fastback model which will draw comparisons to the A7 Sportback . If something, victimization the A7 as a peg for the next-generation CC is pretty much as good a sign as any that Volkswagen has some massive plans for its luxury sedan.

2017 VW CC GTE Sport Engine

Impact Sport car GTE styles to the new 2017 CC is actually obvious. however this may not be the case with the propulsion units. Hybrid drive that drives the thought model, can sure enough come back to life once, however not with the second-generation VW CC. 3.0 L V6 engine combined with 2 electrical motors and six-speed automatic drive developed overall output of 374 power unit. From 0 to 60 mph GTE accelerates for 5 seconds. solely electrically driven vehicle will travel thirty two miles, whereas the hybrid drive with a full tank exceeds 745 miles.

2017 VW CC GTE Sport Release Date and Price

For now, we tend to still don’t have munch info once can the 2016 Volkswagen CC be discharged. As for valuation, we tend to expect that the next-generation CC can price around $32,000.
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