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2018 Honda Accord Rumors, Redesign, Release Date

Posted by evans hale on Saturday, 1 October 2016

2018 Honda Accord presents a few progressions in contrast to his previous and shows gradually as the full update of this agreement, which will be shown in the year 2020, Ikely style and perhaps a revision of the powertrain.

2018 Honda Accord Interior and Exterior

Outside of the agreement by Honda 2018 Redesinged was, and it is expected that the grid also Redesinged. The front and rear bumpers were also recast, and now they are much lower than the previous model. The goal of the lower bumper to protect the inner parts of the car and the look of cars improved. LED technology on this car has been used and should be LED headlights for improved night vision and also energy saving. The car rolls on 19-inch wheels, and thus to maintain the stability of the vehicle even at high speeds. There are a number of colors that the client chooses to leave, and they include; modern steel metallic and Lunar Silver metallic.
The new style will be to change the Interior. Parallel to his cabin more comfortable and elegant are even as modern for the production of all passengers enjoy more in the course of this version. Rumorly, will the manufacturer Brown for this version for the best type of coloring can offer. Not only that Honda is also red to make the car more stylish and beautiful, while green and blue optional colors offer later is more. New products official producer is the best entertainment system even more, the design of the Interior of the future Honda agreement 2018 complete equip.

2018 Honda Accord Engine

The Honda accord 2018 is based on model RX-Acura and Honda concept C and it will be offered in sedan and Coupé version. The big news about this new model and information that attract the most attention is probably the hybrid version of the agreement by 2018, which is also offered.
Wishes of the Honda hybrid version, to keep up with the support of the four-cylinder gas with an electric device. Today number of records hits to hard Honda Honda accord with a turbo engine, while there are much better performance when compared by 2018 2017 Honda Accord has. Hybrid drive yet, now probably will be mixed with 2.4 liter 4-cylinder-making unit, is recommended for Honda does much more than provide the previous version by 2015 with the engine-turbocharger. The most 2018 version offers two-wheel-drive or the fountain in front of the driver settings. This car is capable of are, 186 books couple with the help of the manual for the 6-speed manual transmission or a continuously variable transmission for the upcoming new 2018 Honda Accord.
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