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2018 BMW Z4 GT3 Rumors Of Specs Concept

Posted by Unknown on Monday, 18 April 2016

2018 BMW Z4 GT3 Rumors Of Specs Concept - Welcome to personal blog about the latest car reviews from some of the famous brands.  We make our best efforts by finding a reliable source despite numerous reports in the second official to an unofficial site for details for our posts. I say thank you have visited on my blog. The BMW Z4 GT3 fixed pioneered a wide range of vehicles that are derived from the sales and distribution of BMW Motorsport. Details further improvements made to the beginning of 2014, and this car was once again set out to capture the BMW team private and drivers at the event and in the championship run in accordance with the regulations of the GT3 in Europe, Asia and North America.


 2018 BMW Z4 GT3 Rumors

Features block V8 engine produced by BMW Foundry in Landshut. BMW Plant Dingolfing contributes the rear-axle transmission, among others. Front and rear apron, hood, roof, mudguards, rear wing, and many other parts made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic.
The BMW Z4 GT3 steel chassis, where salvation is made of high tensile steel precision welded tubes, manufactured by BMW Plant Regensburg. Thus, the race car chassis came off the production line is the same as the version of the BMW Z4. Only at the end of the production process does not diverge much from the standard production racing chassis, so it can be done by hand. In total, it takes about 700 people per hour to actually assemble the BMW Z4 GT3.

 2018 BMW Z4 GT3 Rumors Of Specs Concept

2013 is a successful year for the BMW Z4 GT3, winning many races in GT series around the world. It also claimed his first podium finish at the Nürburgring 24 hours, where BMW was runner-up and given the best Motorsport 2018

The BMW Z4 GT3 Specification For
Length: 4.387 mm
Width: 2012 mm
Height: 1.210 mm
Wheel base: 2.509 mm
Tank capacity: 115 liters
Engine type: eight-cylinder, V-configuration
Capacity: 4, 361ccm
Max output: approx. 535bhp ' depending on the rules that limit the air '
Bore x Stroke: 92 x 82mm
Max. spin machine: 8750 rpm
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